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Digital Signage is all about displaying information in shared settings that help to build an even greater sense of community within your organization, and even with customers. Example locations include in lobbies, lunch rooms, call centers, and shop and store floors.

Streaming It Out Loud is the modern way to manage your digital signage needs because it flexibly enables a wide variety of digital signage options, all conveniently driven directly from Yammer! For example, one section of Streaming It Out Loud can deliver streams from Yammer that represent the 'voice of the employee' and another section can include corporate communications that represent 'the voice of the employer.' Or sections can include links to general information such as weather. Images sourced from Yammer can also easily be automatically rotated.

Our Corporate Communications Solution includes a dual panel display, where one section is driven by Internal Communications from a Yammer Group using images or specific posts that are to be pushed to the signage. The other section can be an organic stream from the network, group or topic that highlights what is top of mind for employees.Further customization can always be done.

Your possibilities for digital signage with Streaming It Out Loud are endless, but they are all incredibly easy to configure and reconfigure because they are managed from Yammer using Streaming It Out Loud's powerful but easy-to-use functions.

We'd love to discuss what you have in mind and show you how Streaming It Out Loud can make it a reality!

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Streaming It Out Loud Yammer Digital Signage screenshot example


We can install the Streaming It Out Loud app for you on prem or in Azure and also offer advice on how to best use it and integrate it to maximize the engagement and adoption of your network


We can offer support on Streaming It Out Loud for a small annual fee, where we are responsible for updating the app when Yammer makes changes to the API and including any customizations that we make for you.

Other Social Platforms

Want to include feeds from other platforms? We'll be happy to unify content from across the organization.