Need to display multiple streams and/or streams from other sources?

You need our new Streamerize product!

Streamerize is our advanced visual user experience application that auto-streams from sources that include enterprise collaborative environments such as Yammer and Facebook Workplace, as well as Twitter and embeds such as videos.

Streamerize displays are easily and flexibly configured via drag and drop to create an unlimited variety of streams and display formats, and the configurations can also then be easily shared with others. Just click on the link that is shared, and the turnkey Streamerize configuration automatically displays and starts streaming!

You can, for example, have multiple Yammer streams from different Yammer groups oriented on the screen however you like. You can then add other sources such as Twitter and/or embeds if desired. The same thing goes if you use Workplace. And you have control over the exact display mode of each stream independently, such as tile display format, single-post-at-a-time format, and more.

Use cases for Streamerize include powerful support for live events, highly engaging communal displays and digital signage, turnkey executive UIs, dynamic and personalized intranets, as well as general personal productivity.

Streamerize operates on Azure. We can deploy it for you as a web app service on our Azure cloud or on your Azure cloud.

We are passionate about delivering the absolute most value to our customers, and we’d be delighted to discuss in detail with you how Streamerize can create a highly engaging visual experience for your entire user community. And as always with our products, you and all your colleagues can thoroughly try out Streamerize with no cost or obligation on your part!

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Streamerize screenshot example